• Valves

    Range of modern valves intends for use in the systems of water supply, heating, sewage and other engineering mains.
    The main consumers of products “KELL Industries” are the organizations working in the field of housing and communal services, water and heat supply, industrial engineering networks, their construction and maintenance. 

    Performance life for gate and butterfly valves of KELL Industries is at least 50 years. The warranty assurance for all products is 10 years or 5000 cycles (opening / closing) without maintenance. All represented products have been entirely made in European Union and respond to the highest requirements. Full range of products under the brand “KELL Industries” has the necessary certificates, declarations and conclusions for use in the European Union. 

    Long-term operation reliability and quality of production is the main competitive advantage of “KELL Industries” valves.
  • Welding equipment

    Butt fusion machines supplied by Kell Industries are designed for welding of thermoplastic pipes and fittings. Kell Industries supplies two types of butt welders: basic Kell MC and semi-automatic Kell MC SA. 

    Regardless of their level of automation, Kell MC and Kell MC SA include several basic components that independently perform their functions. All are supplied complete and together make a butt fusion machine. 

    Included in standard supply 

    • A frame used to maintain the ends of pipes or fittings during the welding process. It has four clamps, two moving and two fixed to the guides of the frame. 
    • A facing tool with electric motor for machining (facing) the ends of the pipes and fittings. 
    • A heating element (welding mirror) which serves for heating and melting the ends of the pipes and fittings. The surface of the “mirror” has a special anti-adhesive coating to prevent molten polymer from sticking. 
    • A hydraulic unit which provides pressure at the pipe/fitting ends required for welding with the ability of fine adjustment in all stages of the welding process. 

    The Kell-Recorder microprocessor unit monitors all the stages of welding in a given program mode. It specifies the required values of pressure, temperature, cooling time, controls them throughout the welding process and logs welding parameters and errors. These reports can be printed or transferred to a PC using the parallel, serial or USB interfaces.