Machines for butt fusion produced by «Kell Industries» are designed for welding of plastic pipes and fittings. 
«Kell Industries» produces two types of butt fusion machines: «Kell MC» – manual and «Kell MC SA» – semi-automatic. 
Kell MC and Kell MC SA, regardless of the automation, include several basic components that independently perform their functions. All are supplied complete and together make a butt fusion machine. 

Included standard delivery:
  •  A machine body, which is used to fix the ends of pipes or fittings to prepare them the welding process. A machine body has four clamps, two moving and two fixed to the guides of the frame.
  •  A facing tool with electric motor for machining (facing) the ends of the pipes and fittings.
  •  A heating element (welding mirror), which serves for heating and melting the ends of the pipes and fittings. The surface of «mirror» has the anti adhesive coating to prevent sticking of molten polymer.
  •  A hydraulic unit, which provides pressure at the ends required for the welding with the ability of fine adjustment in all stages of the welding process. 
The microprocessor unit Kell-Recorder monitors all the stages of welding in a given program mode. Kell-Recorder specifies the required values of pressure, temperature, cooling time and controls them throughout the welding process and logs welding parameters and errors. These reports can be printed or transferred to a PC using the parallel, serial or USB interfaces.
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